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What We Offer

Results-Focused Services

We offer tutoring in various subjects, including
French, English, Math, Reading & Writing, Social Studies/History, Science, & More!

Shoulder shot of student staring at computer screen with a teacher presenting an online lesson

Online Tutoring

Gain Academic Confidence

We tailor our Online Tutoring to fit each of our students’ unique needs and circumstances. With our professional tutors and your dedication to academic excellence, we guarantee positive results.

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Test Prep

Empowering Students

Our Test Prep service is designed to be a short-term, one-on-one, specially designed program to assist any student with a specific test (i.e. EQAO, Grade 10 Literacy test etc.),  

Essay Help

Enrich Communication

Our Essay Help is a condensed, short-term program designed to help any middle school, high school, or undergraduate student with a specific essay and written assignment. 

Image of teacher reviewing an essay with a student, sitting in a lecture hall

Editing Services

Enhance and Refine Written Work

While Knowledge Bump is primarily a Tutoring service, we also provide editing services for industry professionals, academics, and graduate students. Our editors are recent graduates or current PhD students in English language and Literature programs, perfectly trained for all of your editing needs!

Hand holding pen reviewing a document, presumably for errors
NEW: Introducing Peer Tutoring

Interested in having a 1-on-1 experience with someone closer to your own age? High school students can now experience our same high quality online tutoring through a peer tutor!

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