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Child conducting experiments using a science kit
(Kindergarten to Grade 12)

Learning the Scientific Process to Discover New Worlds

STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education is an important and innovative subject that can shape a student’s understanding of our world and beyond. Discover the ever-expanding branches of science and technology, including general Science, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, Methods and Lab Report writing with the assistance of clever tutors at Knowledge Bump!

Child holding a model of molecules (face not shown)
Our Approach

We use a purposeful “meet them where they are” approach with respect to the scientific disciplines, and scaffold this learning carefully using personalized learning plans. We will assess your current ability level in a specific subject and build friendly, interactive lessons based on your articulated goals and current classroom expectations. Much of science requires practice to master in practical ways: our work will give you or your child the strategies they need to succeed.


Individualized plans are always designed with each student in mind - that's why we meet with you and your child first, so that we can get a better understanding of what they need to feel more confident along their learning journey.

It's also why every first session is free - we're so confident in our services that we don't accept any payment for the first session, letting you decide whether or not you'd like to continue with our program!

Student sitting in front of a laptop, writing on paper, doing science homework

Some Examples of the areas of research that inform our programming for Science:

Gamification, Applied Learning Techniques, Empathy-based instruction, Empirical Data Science, Data Analysis, Memory Skills, Equation Translation pedagogies, Experiential Learning, Experimental Methods

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