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Child's hand touching an old, beige-cloured globe
(Grades 9 to Grade 12)

Helping Students Understand The World Around Them

Students can learn how to think differently and critically by understanding the physical world around them. Our tutors are dedicated to teaching students about the geographic inquiry process, geographic thinking, critical thinking, and understanding geographic issues around the world. We’ll also help your students grasp the study of “place” and environment, both the natural and the man-made, as well as the importance of the intersection between the two.

Birds-eye view of bright green trees on either side of a bright blue, winding river. Person on aquabike can be seen in the centre of the image
Our Approach

Emphasizing critical thinking and applied learning methods, and using research-based teaching practices, students will be able to approach these complex concepts in a safe, fun, and accepting environment. We allow the student to be part of the program design and voice their needs as we go. Using reputable academic materials, textbooks, media resources, games, and film, students get a well-rounded, modern approach to education and learning.


Individualized plans are always designed with each student in mind - that's why we meet with you and your child first, so that we can get a better understanding of what they need to feel more confident along their learning journey.

It's also why every first session is free - we're so confident in our services that we don't accept any payment for the first session, letting you decide whether or not you'd like to continue with our program!

Image of open, blank grid-paper notebook with a fountain pen and a mini globe sitting on top

Some Examples of the areas of research that inform our programming for Science:

Game-based learning, Empathy-driven approaches to learning, Applied learning techniques, FNIM informed pedagogy, scientific & social science-based methodologies, environment & technology

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