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About Knowledge Bump

At Knowledge Bump, we aim to personalize every session to meet the needs of our students, and focus on areas in which the student has the potential to improve. Each session is flexible and designed to work with the student to not only complete their daily tasks, but guide them from novice to professional. We do that in the most effective way possible—mastering the subject area and building lifelong, professional confidence.

Our experienced tutors are multifaceted educators who’ve taken it upon themselves to help the world understand the effectiveness of personalized academia. Contact us today to learn more about the difference we can make.

Though we are based in the Region of Waterloo, our online tutoring services can meet the needs of students across the province. All you need is a stable internet connection, and the desire to succeed!

Classmates in the Library smiling, using tablets and discussing what they are studying
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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality tutoring and editing services that is flexible to suit each students' needs, making private, one-on-one tutoring easy and accessible across Ontario.

Our Goals

Our goals for this service are outlined below:

  • To provide high-quality tutoring to students from Kindergarten to Post-Secondary.

  • To remain flexible and accessible to parents and families across the province.

  • To give each child the opportunity to reach their full potential academically, while improving their overall personal growth.

  • To provide both students and tutors with rewarding, long-lasting experiences and memories.

  • To provide industry professionals, academics, and graduate students with high-quality, thorough editing through our editing services

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Our Story

Here to Serve

Knowledge Bump began when founder Sabrina Sgandurra saw a need for accessible, flexible, high quality, one-on-one private tutoring services. After spending years teaching, tutoring, and working with children in various capacities, she found that students of all ages were missing key opportunities for growth in the publically funded school system and at post-secondary institutions across Ontario, both academically and in terms of their overall well-being. She also found that several companies that advertised high-quality education were only accessible to families above a certain tax bracket, and did not always pay their tutors enough to provide high-quality teaching.

Knowledge Bump is different; It seeks to provide flexible tutoring for parents while providing expertly-trained tutors to ensure high-quality tutoring at affordable rates.

We believe that no student should have to suffer academically simply because the education system isn't designed for them and their needs. Knowledge Bump believes that education and academic success are a right, not a privilege.

Sabrina Sgandurra

Photo of founder, Sabrina, smiling. Dark hair, olive skin, brown eyes, wearing a white collared shirt with thick black and thin pink stripes.


Sabrina Sgandurra sees tutoring as more of a mentoring process, with the understanding that clear communication and personal connection are just as important to student success as is access to proper learning materials. She is a current PhD student in the field of English Language and Literature, with a specialization in Games Studies, and through her research is discovering new ways of "gamifying" learning to make lessons more memorable and impactful. She has over 5 years of experience teaching and tutoring students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and Undergraduates, and over 10 years of experience working with children of all ages.

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Why Choose Knowledge Bump?

Providing Accessible Tutoring, Specially Designed for your child

Our teaching and tutoring techniques are based on extensive research and experience and employ emerging methods and findings from the fields of Education and Pedagogy. We design programming specifically for each individual student, based solely on their academic and personal needs. Through our individualized and stress-free approach, we have perfected a method of teaching that yields serious results. Don’t believe us? Contact us to find out how we can make a difference for you.

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