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Reading and Writing (Kindergarten to Grade 6)

Improving your Child's Reading and Writing by Expanding their Sense of Wonder

Every child's imagination and curiosity can be used to help them become better readers and writers. It's simply about learning how to cultivate that energy and channel it into their academics.

With our individualized tutoring program, informed by current research in Teaching and Pedagogy, our tutors are able to give your child the confidence, skills, and ability to become strong readers and writers. Our private tutoring can help kids jump as much as three reading levels! 

Image of small child sitting on top of a pile of books, reading
Our Approach

Our approach to reading and writing skills comes from expert knowledge, cutting-edge research, and years of experience. Our methods in teaching are informed by the latest research in pedagogy and learning, so that we can give your child the necessary reading and writing skills they need to feel confident and succeed.


Individualized plans are always designed with each student in mind - that's why we meet with you and your child first, so that we can get a better understanding of what they need to feel more confident along their learning journey.

It's also why every first session is free - we're so confident in our services that we don't accept any payment for the first session, letting you decide whether or not you'd like to continue with our program!

Image of blocks with the letters R E A D lined up to spell "read". Child can be seen in the blurred background

Some Examples of the areas of research that inform our programming for Reading and Writing include:

Gamification, Play-Responsive Teaching. Empathy-driven approaches to learning, Dis/ability informed approaches to pedagogy and learning, STEAM education planning, hands-on learning

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