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7 Signs Your Child May Need a Tutor

So, your child is starting to struggle in school, falling behind, or not wanting to go altogether. This can be challenging to deal with, and as a parent, how do you know when it’s time to get them additional support from a tutor? Sometimes asking for help can be more challenging than receiving help – especially if your child feels ashamed of their current shortcomings. However, this is exactly why tutoring agencies such as Knowledge Bump exist, to provide students with judgement-free support to get them back on track. So, today, here are 7 signs your child may need a tutor to help them re-ignite their confidence, motivation, and excitement about school and learning.

1. They’re Struggling in a Specific Subject

One of the most common reasons a student will come into one of our specialized tutoring programs is because they’re struggling in a specific subject. Unfortunately, a mistake from parents that we often see is waiting until your child is far behind before seeking help. In our experience, it’s important to be proactive, and once you notice your child struggling, it may be time to seek assistance. Whether it’s because the teacher is utilizing a learning style that doesn’t work for the student or maybe they just need a quiet, safe space to explore new concepts, this is the perfect opportunity to integrate tutoring for your child, so they can stop struggling and start thriving.

2. They’re Having Trouble Meeting Deadlines

Another reason your child may need a tutor is that they’re having trouble meeting deadlines. There could be a variety of reasons that your child misses their deadlines – they don’t understand the material, they’re not interested in the material, or they’re just goofing off, to name a few. For example, if your child has an upcoming report due but can’t seem to get started and they’re procrastinating the project until the night before, this may be a sign that they could benefit from the expertise of a tutor. Although missing deadlines could be indicative of other complications, such as family troubles, social issues, or personal problems, a tutor is an excellent tool to try in these cases.

3. They’re Behind on the Basics

Unfortunately, sometimes public schools don’t have the means to ensure that every student is keeping up with the pace of the classroom. This is not necessarily intentional, but the fact of the matter is that schools cannot teach students the basics forever, and your child just might take longer to grasp key educational concepts. Your child might become frustrated with themselves or the material, so if you’ve noticed a trend that they’re behind on the basics, this is a good indicator that you may want to hire a tutor.

4. They Have Questions You Can’t Answer

You successfully made it through school (albeit a while ago), so you should be able to help your child with their homework… right? Well, sometimes they have questions you can’t answer, and sometimes they need more help than something like Google can provide – queue your favourite tutoring agency. Our expert tutors are trained in a variety of subjects based on the Ontario curriculum meaning we CAN and WILL answer your child’s questions so they can get back on the path towards success.

5. They Need Additional Help Preparing for an Exam

One area that is often overlooked in traditional classrooms is providing enough time for exam prep. Although a teacher may give one or part of one classroom slot for prepping for an exam, it is often not enough, especially if a student is already struggling. That’s where Knowledge Bump can step in when they need additional help preparing for an exam. Whether it’s going over the concepts themselves, explaining different studying techniques, or typically a combination of both, students usually feel a lot of pressure when it comes to exams meaning a tutor can be the perfect solution to help ease their anxiety and get them prepared.

6. Their Attitude Towards School Has Changed

If you’ve noticed a sudden shift in your child, in other words, their attitude towards school has changed out of the blue, this could be because they’re feeling stressed or defeated because they’re struggling or not receiving the support they need. Whereas they used to be excited to learn more in school, now they may hate it or tell you they don’t want to go. In this case, all they might need is support from a tutor to re-instill their academic confidence and get excited about learning again!

7. They Have a Learning Disability

Finally, if they have a learning disability that you’re aware of, it might be in your child’s best interest to get them into a tutoring program asap. At Knowledge Bump, our programs are always customized to each individual student, meaning if your child has a learning disability, we consider what strategies work for them and build that into the programming. In addition, we have experience working with children with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, and even ASD, so we are well-equipped to provide the support they need.

Final Thoughts

Although it can be challenging to know if your child requires additional support from a tutor, this comprehensive list can hopefully make your decision a little easier. No one wants to see their child struggling or falling behind in school, so being proactive and taking action early is key. We also know that it can be daunting for your child to get a tutor at first – we totally get it. That’s why we offer online options as well as a peer tutoring program for high school students to help alleviate the pressure that your child may feel. Ultimately, it’s about finding an accommodation that not only works for them but helps them achieve the academic success they deserve.

If you’re interested in working with Knowledge Bump or learning more about our tutoring programs, reach out to our team directly on our inquiry page at


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