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5 Ways Tutoring Helps Your Child Succeed

There are many reasons why you might consider tutoring for your child in order to set them up for educational success. Maybe they need some additional support in a subject you’re not very familiar with, or perhaps they’re too distracted during their regular school sessions and would benefit from a more personalized approach to their learning. Whatever the reason may be, tutoring can help keep your child on track and gain knowledge in the areas they need to, all while building essential learning skills they can use in the classroom and beyond. So, today let’s take a look at 5 ways tutoring helps your child succeed so they can reach their educational goals sooner!

1. Customized One-On-One Learning

Often when a parent decides that a child needs tutoring, what they really need is a customized, one-on-one learning environment made to suit their needs. That’s why at Knowledge Bump, we always connect with students individually and design high-quality, personalized sessions to help them in all the areas they need and none that they don’t. For example, a cornerstone of our customized educational approach is including games that promote or can be adapted to learning for each individual. So, in previous articles, we’ve discussed how games for learning work in action, including Minecraft for language learning and Dungeons and Dragons for areas such as math, reading, and cooperation. [1] Ultimately, no matter what, we strive to deliver a customized learning experience for each student depending on their needs, interests, and desires.

2. Creates a Positive Learning Environment

Sometimes a student might require additional support because they are having a hard time focusing on their studies in the classroom, meaning they’re falling behind on educational concepts. In this case, opting for tutoring helps create a positive learning environment where the pupil can truly focus on their studies, get work done, and learn the things they’re supposed to be mastering. Not only that, but our tutors at Knowledge Bump give students the tools to create their own positive learning environments outside of tutoring or the classroom. Students learn about the importance of finding a quiet, distraction-free study space where they can hone their focus in on their studies. Plus, our specialists may have additional study tips or strategies for success for each individual student, depending on their learning style and situation. Regardless, students will leave with an appreciation of how important a positive learning environment is for their educational success.

3. Improves Academic Confidence and Overall Attitude

As your child attends more tutoring sessions, one of our goals is that they become more confident in their academics and their ability to succeed. Once a child begins to build this academic confidence, it has the potential to improve their entire attitude towards learning. Sometimes this is the biggest hurdle that we face with new tutoring students – that they lack educational confidence, whether they’ve convinced themselves of it or they’ve (unfortunately) been told that in the past. That’s why our tutors are always encouraging of our pupils, even if they make a mistake or lose a bit of progress because we know our students are capable of great things when it comes to their learning. When you begin to instill educational confidence in a student, not only will their overall attitude improve, but so will their engagement with the material and, ultimately, their grades.

4. Encourage Questions and Active Learning

One thing that a parent may not realize is holding their child back is the fact that they’re nervous or embarrassed to ask a question in a classroom setting. However, this feeling is completely eliminated in a one-on-one scenario where the student can freely ask questions and discuss the lesson with the tutor. In fact, one of the best parts of hiring a tutor is that it encourages questions, active learning, and engagement from the pupil in order to work. Tutoring is not like a classroom setting where a child can mindlessly sit staring at the clock; rather, for tutoring to effectively work, both parties need to be equally engaged and invested in the pupil’s success. As mentioned briefly above, one of the ways we like to promote active learning at Knowledge Bump is through the deliberate use of games for learning. So, once a tutor gets to know more about a student, they can adapt their favourite games for learning purposes to help them reach their educational benchmarks more easily by integrating the learning with things they already enjoy. Utilizing games in this way promotes active learning and is one of the main avenues for creating success at Knowledge Bump.

5. Prepares Your Child for Further Education

At all levels of tutoring, one of the base achievements we’re working towards is to prepare your child for further education. Whether they’re in grade one heading to grade two or whether they’re graduating and going off to post-secondary, our team of experts have the tools your child needs to succeed. For example, our tutors will help students heading off to post-secondary learn how to create study plans, develop advanced study skills, and learn superior time management. [2] Conversely, the skills a student going into grade two would be developing through tutoring would be tailored to their age and stage. Although preparing children for further education may sound simple, it encompasses every aspect discussed here today. Through a customized approach to learning, our students learn how to create positive learning environments so they can work to improve their educational confidence and attitude while also learning to ask questions and engage in active learning. All of these elements coming together is what truly prepares your child for their educational path ahead.

Final Thoughts

Deciding if your child needs a tutor can be challenging but getting additional support doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking or embarrassing for them. At Knowledge Bump, our team of highly trained tutors are dedicated to your child’s success and will help them achieve their educational goals through a customized, one-on-one learning experience tailored to their needs. Our tutors always create a positive learning environment for our students and know how to encourage them to find their own distraction-free study spaces. When you hire a tutor, you can expect that your child’s confidence in the material will increase over time, and with that academic confidence typically comes an improvement in attitude towards education and learning in general. Furthermore, our sessions are a safe space for children to ask questions and engage in active learning, away from classmates or other distractions. And finally, one of the main goals of tutoring, other than mastery of the material, is to prepare your child for further education. Ultimately, these are just 5 ways that tutoring helps your child succeed and reach their educational goals more easily.

If your child continues to struggle in school or just requires some additional support in one or more subjects, send us an inquiry today! We’ll book a FREE consultation to get them started on the right path before identifying their needs and creating a specialized education plan. So, if you’re ready to help your child learn better, our experts at Knowledge Bump are always ready to help.


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